US declines sale of F-35s to Thailand and offers F-16 Block70 and F-15EX instead. But the Royal Thai Air Force is considering the purchase of the Saab Gripen E.

US declines sale of F-35s to Thailand and offers F-16 Block70 and F-15EX instead. But the Royal Thai Air Force is considering the purchase of the Saab Gripen E.

4 hours ago
Dario Leone

The Royal Thai Air Force said its proposed procurement of F-35 fighter jets has fallen through due to time constraints.… Read More

F-15 Eagle Vs F-16 Fighting Falcon Vs F/A-18 Hornet/Super Hornet: the Aircrews’ Perspective

F-15 Vs F-16 Vs F/A-18: how would these exceptional fighter jets fare one versus the other in dogfight? The… Read More

1 day ago

Final flight for Swiss Mirage IIIDS HB-RDF, the only privately-operated Mirage IIIDS in the world

Besides displaying at airshows Mirage IIIDS HB-RDF was also available for passenger flights for the members of Espace Passion association… Read More

1 day ago

Here’s why the SR-71 inlets had to be labeled “L” and “R” and why the Blackbird had engine and afterburner fuel control cable pulleys

The SR-71 engineering was so cutting edge that even the tools to build the Blackbird needed to be designed from… Read More

2 days ago

Naval Flight Officer explains why the EA-6B Prowler had “nuclear trefoil nose art”

‘The “trefoil” helped Paddles confirm visually whether it was a Prowler or Intruder in the groove,’ Andy Burns, US Navy… Read More

3 days ago

B-52H drops inert JDAM QuickStrike Extended Range mines from standoff distance of more than 40 miles advancing maritime capabilities in a contested environment

The QS-ER mine marries the concept of a Mk64 underwater mine to that of the GBU-64v1 JDAM Extended Range variant.… Read More

3 days ago

USAF to convert F-15C Formal Training Unit at Kingsley Field into third F-35A FTU, drops F-15EX schoolhouse project to replace Oregon National Guard Eagles

The decision to place the F-35A training squadron at Kingsley Field supersedes the previous announcement in 2020 that placed the… Read More

4 days ago

AirLand Battle, the F-16 Vs the A-10, the Aborted A-16 and the story of why the Viper’s CAS Variant failed to replace the Warthog

Some armament folks said they could match the 30 mm cannon in the A-10 with pod-mounted cannon for the… Read More

5 days ago

Museum of Aviation receives F-117A Nighthawk “Delta Dawn”

On May 19, 2023, C-5M Super Galaxy delivered the retired F-117A Nighthawk from Tonopah, to become part of the… Read More

5 days ago

Nuclear Submarine Officer recalls when his submarine’s periscope hit small one-man fishing boat knocking the fisherman overboard

‘I’m sure that he’s still telling the story of “something” hitting his boat, knocking him overboard, but then never appearing,’… Read More

6 days ago

After Almost 6-Year-Long Refueling Overhaul Aircraft Carrier USS George Washington Leaves Newport News for sea trials

The different maintenance schedule, the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown on HII’s workforce and delays in funding the mid-life maintenance… Read More

1 week ago

SR-71 pilot Brian Shul, famous for his ground speed check story, passed away while giving speech about the Blackbird

SR-71 Blackbird pilot Brian Shul suddenly died in the night of May 20, 2023 in Reno, Nevada, at age 75,… Read More

1 week ago