Naval Warfare

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Tactical Action Officer on a US Navy aircraft carrier tells how much time is required to a Nimitz Class aircraft carrier to go to flank speed

Tactical Action Officer on a US Navy aircraft carrier tells how much time is required to a Nimitz Class aircraft carrier to go to flank speed

US Navy aircraft carriers US Navy aircraft carriers continue to be the centerpiece of the forces necessary for operating forward.… Read More

4 days ago

The story of how thanks to the Midway-class aircraft carriers and the P-2 Neptune the US Navy built a viable nuclear strike capability

The Midway-class aircraft carriers Entering service in September 1945, the Midway-class aircraft carrier was the US Navy's ultimate World War… Read More

2 weeks ago

The Hunt For The Storozhevoy: when Soviets nearly nuked one of their own warships after it was involved in a mutiny

The mutiny of the Storozhevoy On Nov. 8, 1975, Lieutenant Commander Valeriy Sablin led his crew in a mutiny on… Read More

4 weeks ago

Russia most powerful and quiet nuclear attack submarine Carries Out Missile Exercise off US East Coast

Russia most powerful nuclear attack submarine off US East Coast Kazan, a nuclear Russian Yasen-M-class guided missile submarine loaded with… Read More

1 month ago

Naval Flight Officer explains why USS Enterprise (CVN-65) aircraft carrier can’t be turned into a museum

The USS Enterprise Commissioned at Newport News, Virginia, on Nov. 25, 1961, USS Enterprise was the world’s first nuclear aircraft… Read More

2 months ago

In 1945 USS Laffey destroyer was attacked by 22 kamikaze, was hit by 6 aircraft and 4 bombs. She survived, was repaired and reactivated.

USS Laffey destroyer USS LAFFEY (DD-724) is the most decorated World War II era US Destroyer still in existence. DD-724… Read More

3 months ago

After USS John F. Kennedy aircraft carrier collided with USS Belknap Guided Missile Cruiser in the Mediterranean Sea, the JFK was nicknamed “The Can Opener”

JFK collides with USS Belknap Guided Missile Cruiser John F. Kennedy (CV-67) was laid down on 22 October 1964 at… Read More

4 months ago

When Grumman ruled the flight deck: clip shows when a typical US Navy Carrier Air Wing was filled with many beautiful, colorful and different aircraft

Carrier strike group No single platform did more to transform 20th-century sea power than the aircraft carrier. The range and… Read More

4 months ago

US Navy submariners tell who act as doctors aboard submarines given that physicians are not generally aboard

Doctors not onboard US Navy submarines What happens when you get sick on a submarine? When we think about the… Read More

4 months ago

Here’s why Four Weeks were required to Scuttle USS America, the Only Supercarrier Ever Sunk

USS America USS America (CVA/CV-66) was one of three Kitty Hawk-class supercarriers built for the US Navy in the 1960s. Commissioned in 1965,… Read More

5 months ago