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The story of world’s only supersonic gun kill: the day a USAF F-4E flying at Mach 1.2 gun killed a VPAF MiG-19

The story of world’s only supersonic gun kill: the day a USAF F-4E flying at Mach 1.2 gun killed a VPAF MiG-19

On Jun. 2, 1972 a remarkable duel between a MiG-19 and a 58th TFS F-4E flown by Maj Phil Handley… Read More

1 week ago

The weird story of the USAF F-15C Eagle pilot that scored 3 kills during Operation Desert Storm and donated one to his section leader

On Feb. 6, 1991 a section of two F-15Cs were living BARCAP along the Iraq/Iran border when they engaged and… Read More

2 weeks ago

Former F-14 Tomcat RIO sets the record straight on first confirmed MiG-killing F-4 Phantom II of the Vietnam War

Many sources in print and on the Internet erroneously report that Commander Lou Page (pilot) and Lieutenant JC Smith (RIO)… Read More

2 months ago

EF-111A EWO explains why the Raven aerial kill scored during Operation Desert Storm was a low-altitude maneuvering kill and not an F-15C air-to-air victory

‘Out of the black night, a bright, orange, twisting, tumbling fireball flashes forward into our right two-o-clock as Jim keeps… Read More

2 months ago

The day he scored his fifth victory, World’s first jet-versus-jet ace Capt. James Jabara was nearly shot down by future ace Capt Boris Abakumov

Having shot down his fifth MiG during the late afternoon of May 20, 1951, thereby becoming the first “ace” of… Read More

4 months ago

First American F-16 MiG killer gets Desert Camouflage paint scheme similar to that of the Desert Camouflage Uniform worn during the first Gulf War

This ‘What if’ design pulls cues from the Desert Camouflage Uniform worn during the first Gulf War, and a similar… Read More

5 months ago

We shed light on the Kill scored by Commander Emory Brown against a North Vietnamese MiG-21 (Brown was VF-84 CO when the Jolly Rogers did the flying scenes for the movie “The Final Countdown”)

We have been interviewing Commander Emory Brown, USN, Ret. who inspired us since childhood when his squadron VF-84, did the… Read More

5 months ago

The story of Robin Olds’ “vengeful chase” after North Vietnamese MiG-17s which had shot down his wingman and that resulted in two Fresco kills by Olds

'The MiG pilot had three choices', Brig Gen Robin Olds explained. 'He could bale out, hit that ridge of hills… Read More

5 months ago

The story of the Top-Secret Dogfight where legendary US Korean War F9F Naval Aviator E. Royce Williams, Jr., shot down 4 Soviet MiG-15s

Williams’ achievement was suppressed because of the political sensitivities about the long term effects of a direct conflict with Soviet… Read More

6 months ago

US Navy F-4 Phantom II Pilot Randy Cunningham tells the story of the epic 1 V 1 dogfight that made him America’s First Ace Pilot since Korea

After having downed two MiGs with one Sidewinder apiece, Showtime 100 disengaged and approached the coast at 10,000 feet, when… Read More

7 months ago

How thanks to its only F-4 MiG kill, VF-111 Sundowners became the first fighter unit within the US Navy to claim MiG kills with two different types of aircraft

This victory was claimed three-and-a-heft years after 'Sundowner' Lt Tony Nargi had bagged a MiG-21 in an F-8C on Sep.… Read More

7 months ago

Did you know after Robin Olds shot down his Fourth North Vietnamese MiG, he intentionally avoided shooting down a fifth, letting his wingmen take any kills he set up?

USAF F-4 Phantom II pilot Ralph Wetterhahn recalled, “I think Robin Olds could have been a double MiG ace if… Read More

9 months ago

Did you know? On the first day of Desert Storm at least 12 Iraqi Fighters (including 4 MiG-29s) ran away instead of fighting US Navy F-14 Tomcats

The US Navy F-14 Tomcats won the air battle for H-2 without firing a single shot. The F-14 Tomcats of… Read More

10 months ago


"Someone was going to die within the next two minutes, and it wasn't going to be me or my wingman,"… Read More

11 months ago

Scooter Vs Fresco: the story of the only air-to-air kill scored by an American A-4

The Navy's F-4 and F-8 squadrons were the main `distributors of MiG parts' during the Vietnam War, but Lt Cdr… Read More

12 months ago

The controversial story of the North Vietnamese MiG-17 pilot who punched out when he found his opponent was an F-8 instead of an F-4

Suddenly, the MiG's canopy flew off, followed by the pilot. F-8 pilot Lt. Jerry Tucker watched incredulously as his 'kill'… Read More

1 year ago

USAF F-15C pilot explains how he was able to shoot down an Iraqi MiG 29 without firing a single shot in the only real turning fight of Operation Desert Storm

‘At about two miles I looked once again, but I was no longer thinking about taking a pre-merge shot, so… Read More

1 year ago