MiG Killers

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US Navy A-1 pilot recalls when his section of Skyraider attack aircraft shot down a North Vietnamese MiG-17 fighter jet

US Navy A-1 pilot recalls when his section of Skyraider attack aircraft shot down a North Vietnamese MiG-17 fighter jet

The A-1 Skyraider The “Able Dog” or “Spad,” as the A-1 Skyraider was called, earned its stellar reputation as one… Read More

1 month ago

The world’s only supersonic gun kill: how a USAF F-4E flying at Mach 1.2 gun killed a North Vietnamese MiG-19

The F-4E Phantom II The F-4E was essentially an F-4D with improved J79-GE-17 engines (900 pounds more static sea level… Read More

3 months ago

Operation Bolo: how Robin Olds F-4s disguised as F-105s shot down 7 North Vietnamese MiG-21s in 12 minutes

The F-4 Phantom II The F-4 Phantom II is one of the most important fighter aircraft of the jet era.… Read More

3 months ago

Here’s how this Viper pilot scored both the First US F-16 Kill and the First Kill for the AIM-120 AMRAAM

Operation Southern Watch On Aug.26, 1992, US President George H. W. Bush announced a no-fly zone over southern Iraq in… Read More

4 months ago

One F9F Vs Six MiG-15s: the legendary dogfight that made Royce Williams the top-scoring Naval Aviator of the Korean War

Royce Williams and his epic, 15-minute dogfight. On Nov. 18, 1952 an epic, 15-minute dogfight involving three F9F-5s and seven… Read More

5 months ago

US Army OV-1 pilot explains how he was able to shoot down a North Vietnamese MiG-17 by means of his Mohawk’s rockets and gun

The strangest aerial engagement of the Vietnam War In late February 1968, what was perhaps the strangest aerial engagement of… Read More

7 months ago

The Story of the College Student that scored the first ever Gun Kill for an Israeli F-4 Phantom II

Three or four times a week Aviem Sella returned from missions over Egypt flying at low altitude over Haifa to… Read More

8 months ago

A US Navy F-4 scored the first Official US Aerial Victory of the Vietnam War against a Chinese MiG-17. But it remained unconfirmed for many years. Here’s why.

Years after, in piecing together the events of the air battle, the destruction of the Chinese MiG-17 was given to… Read More

8 months ago

North Vietnamese MiG-21 pilot recalls when his two wingmen were shot down by USAF F-4Cs acting as RF-4Cs in a new tactic devised by Robin Olds four days after Operation Bolo

Col. Robin Olds briefed F-4Cs of the 555th TFS/8th TFW to fly in tight formation along a flightpath regularly used… Read More

10 months ago

F-14 Tomcat pilot and TOPGUN instructor explains how he was able to nail a MiG-29 Fulcrum in a 1v1 Dogfight

“I saw his two afterburners. He is probably doing 500 knots, straight downhill, with both afterburners. And I thought, ‘Gotcha!’… Read More

11 months ago