Seafire Vs Corsair Vs Sea Fury: Seafire pilots offer a comparison with some of the competitors of the navalised version of the famous Spitfire

The Supermarine Seafire was a navalised version of the famous Spitfire adapted for use on aircraft carriers. 2646 Seafires were… Read More

6 months ago

The Me 163 that intercepted a Spitfire PR XI but failed to engage because the rocket powered fighter ran out of fuel just as its pilot was about to commence his attack

Spitfire PR XI The Mark XI was essentially a Mark IX Spitfire interceptor modified for photographic reconnaissance (PR) with cameras,… Read More

10 months ago

The story of the “Messerspit:” when Germans fitted a Spitfire with a DB 605A, they found it was better than the Merlin Version.

A new engine support structure was built onto the Spitfire’s fuselage and the DB 605 engine and cowling panels added.… Read More

11 months ago

The Spitfire Mk.XIV (and not the P-51D) was the best piston-engined fighter of WWII in Europe even according to Adolf Galland. Here’s why.

There were around 20 high performance fighter types at least nominally in service in Europe when World War II there… Read More

11 months ago

The Story of when Ford UK Refused to Build Rolls Royce Merlin Engines because the Tolerances Rolls Royce allowed were Looser than Ford was Willing to Work With

Ford re-drew the blue-prints for the Merlin, making it more suitable for mass production, and by 1944, over 400 engines… Read More

1 year ago

The day Legendary Luftwaffe Ace Adolf Galland asked Reich Marshal Hermann Goering a Squadron of Spitfires

Goering turned to Galland. "And you? What do you want'?" “l'd like a squadron of Spitfires for my Geschwader!" On… Read More

1 year ago

Belgian Air Force’s 349th Squadron has painted a nearly 50-years old F-16 in a special paint scheme to commemorate the unit’s 80th anniversary

The F-16 was presented on Nov. 4, 2022 to an audience of enthusiasts, including in flight, escorting a Spitfire fighter… Read More

1 year ago

Legendary German Ace Adolf Galland tells the story of when He nearly Burned to Death after his Messerschmitt Bf 109 was badly damaged by a RAF Spitfire

On Jun. 21, 1941, Galland had blasted a Spitfire out of a formation north-east of Boulogne. He watched the flaming… Read More

2 years ago

The Dogfight where Italian Macchi C.202 Fighters damaged the Spitfire of Future ranking Malta ace Sgt George Beurling

The Macchi C.202 Italian fighters, such as the Fiat G.50 and Macchi C.200, had always struggled with their straight-line speed… Read More

2 years ago

High Flight: the story of WW II Anglo-American Royal Canadian Air Force Spitfire pilot John Gillespie Magee and of how The Most Famous Aviation Poem is Born

Pilot Officer John Gillespie Magee Jr. and his High Flight poem. On Dec. 11, 1941, as the world was reeling… Read More

2 years ago

During World War II Germans re-engined a Spitfire with a DB 605A. It was found to be better than the Merlin version.

Performance of the Spitfire with the DB 605 was superb - significantly better than the Merlin version. The Supermarine Spitfire… Read More

2 years ago

Lightning Vs Spitfire: why the iconic Mach 2 interceptor struggled to win mock dogfights against the legendary WWII plane during the trial flights conducted by the RAF between the two types

“We did find that the piston-engined fighter presented a very poor target to infra-red homing missiles, especially from the rear… Read More

3 years ago

Here’s why Clive Robertson “Killer” Caldwell, the “Top Gun from Down Under,” is the most Australian thing ever

You can't get much more Australian than Clive Robertson “Killer” Caldwell. Flying ace, ruthless killer, bootlegger, mutineer, successful businessman, national… Read More

3 years ago

Spitfire Vs P-51 Mustang: which was the better Merlin-engined fighter?

Both the Spitfire and the P-51 Mustang, two of the best fighters of World War II, were powered by the… Read More

3 years ago