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Nice clip features Tom “Maverick” Cruise explaining what it’s like flying in an F-14 Tomcat driven by a U.S. Naval Aviator

Tom “Maverick” Cruise on what it’s like flying in an F-14 driven by a U.S. Naval Aviator

In the year of the 30th anniversary of the classic motion picture “Top Gun,” Tom Cruise, who played “Maverick” character in the movie, has revealed some secrets about the film that not many people know.

On Tueasday, Oct. 18, 2016 in fact he took part to ABC “Jimmi Kimmel Live!” show to promote his latest action film, “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.” Also appearing on the show was special musical guest Kenny Loggins, who played the song “Danger Zone” when Tom Cruise was introduced.

When Kimmel asked him if hearing the song does that make him want to jump in his F-14 Tomcat fighter jet along with his Radar Intercept Officer (RIO) Anthony “Goose” Edwards, Cruise revealed that Tuesday was actually the first time he’d ever met Loggins.

Then, when Kimmel asked him about a possible “Top Gun 2,” Tom Cruise answered that he and Jerry Bruckheimer (who produced Top Gun) are talking about it, but the Hollywood Star pointed out that the movie “It’s got to be right.”

Vomiting inside a Tomcat

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Moreover Cruise told some interesting facts about the flights he had to experience for the movie aboard the iconic Grumman F-14 Tomcat. In fact he revealed that during one of these sorties he vomited inside a jet flown by Captain Lloyd “Bozo” Abel, the same U.S. Naval Aviator who buzzed the tower in one of the most famous scenes of Top Gun.

“For our first flight in the morning, we were going really hard, moving around. We did 9.5 gs, very hard on my body. I had a vomit bag right here, so in between takes I leaned down to quickly empty my guts in the bag. The second I did that, he pulls up,” Cruise explained. “My head was literally on the ground from the pressure. I was pressed on the floor, holding my vomit. I kept going ‘Bozo! Bozo!’ I was choking, and he just kept pulling up and up. Finally he released, and we were going straight ahead. I was like, ‘Bozo, what’s the matter with you, man? Didn’t you see my head was on the floor?’ He was like, ‘Well I told you, they don’t call me Bozo for nothing.’”

For more details, watch the footage below.

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Photo credit: Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Daniel J. McLain / U.S. Navy

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  • ROTFL! The F-14 cockpit just is not a very friendly place for civilians. A football announcer had similar results!

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