[Video] Boeing teases F-15 Advanced Demo Team

[Video] Boeing teases F-15 Advanced Demo Team

By Dario Leone
May 25 2024
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F-15 Advanced Demo Team

On May 24, 2024 Boeing released the cool video below on its Facebook page where it teases the F-15 Advanced Demo Team.

‘Our #F15 demo team is back and better than ever with two jets,’ the company says.

‘The team will highlight the power and agility of the advanced F-15 at the Spirit Of St. Louis Air Show & STEM Expo in June before heading to The Royal International Air Tattoo and Farnborough International Airshow in July.

‘Stayed tuned to see the performance!’

Noteworthy the video features one of the new Qatar Emiri Air Force (QEAF) F-15QA Ababil fighter jets that made her debut on the air show scene on Nov. 15, 2023 with an impressive flying demonstration at the Dubai Airshow 2023. The QEAF Ababil had been the first digitally advanced F-15 variant to perform at an air show.

In that demo [CLICK HERE to watch the awesome video filmed by Adam Landau for This Is Flight YouTube Channel] the F-15QA even did tailslides and extreme high alpha maneuvers.

[Video] Boeing teases F-15 Advanced Demo Team

That aircraft was crewed by Boeing Test & Evaluation (BT&E) Experimental Test Pilot Jason “Mongoose” Dotter and BT&E Experimental Weapon System Operator Mike “Houdini” Quintini.

The most advanced F-15 production model

“This plane is completely different,” said Matt “Phat” Giese, BT&E chief F-15 experimental test pilot, in the article Watch an F-15 fighter pull 9 g’s appeared on Boeing News Now. “This is the most advanced F-15 production model, made with fly-by-wire controls and an advanced crew station to monitor the aircraft’s systems,” he said. “The F-15 is the single most dominant aircraft in the world.”

Attendees at this week’s Dubai Airshow had the chance to see a carefully choreographed flight demonstration as the F-15QA flew low and fast, pulling some serious g’s. That’s short for g-forces, the force pilots feel due to the aircraft’s acceleration.

Consistently been hitting 9 g’s

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“In our practice flights here at Al Udeid, we’ve consistently been hitting 9 g’s in our tight turns and climbs,” Dotter said. “It really throws you around in there, but we have extreme confidence in this aircraft to perform the maneuvers the crowds will see in Dubai.”

Boeing used two of the jets recently delivered to the Qatari Emiri Air Force to showcase these capabilities. “It’s been an incredible journey with the QEAF and our in-country teammates in Qatar,” said Adam Zemianek, F-15QA program manager. “The partnership with our demo team to secure the jets, airspace and support equipment for the work-ups and air show was exceptional — the team prioritized safety throughout every stage of the demonstration, including concept development, simulation, practice and execution.”

The F-15QA Ababil

The F-15QA Ababil is an advanced version of the F-15 developed for Qatar, with AESA radar, a powerful EW suite, additional thrust and new flight control software, among other improvements. It was later ordered by the USAF, where it is known as the F-15EX Eagle II.

Noteworthy, the upgrades to the aircraft, combined with the fact during air shows it flies in a low-drag configuration with pylons and CFTs removed, make the F-15QA/F-15EX extremely maneuverable. Most importantly, the new flight control software has no software alpha limits, enabling the abrupt pulls.

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Photo credit: Adam Landau (screenshot from the video) and Boeing

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Dario Leone

Dario Leone

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