Find a list of deals and other perks from official The Aviation Geek Club partners

Below you will find some deals and perks from our official partners.

Harriers KC-130J

Osprey Publishing

A huge range of specialist military history books for the military history enthusiast ranging from ancient warfare to the latest military technology.

Tomcat Tales

The ultimate documentary about America’s most beloved Navy jet fighter — the F-14 Tomcat! Before TOP GUN: MAVERICK, there were the real Top Guns!

Morton Books

Mortons Books produces quality publications on a range of topics – from railway, military and aviation history.

Tomcat RIO

A topgun instructor on the f-14 tomcat and the heroic naval aviators who flew it

Schiffer Books – Military

Aerospace, naval, ground forces, american civil war, militaria, modeling & collectible figures, transportation.

Air Models

Huge Range of Diecast Models: Airliners, Military Jets, Helicopters, Extra Large & Premium Scale Model Airplanes.

Casemate Publishing

An enormous range of specialist military history and aviation books from leading experts across the globe – expect highly-illustrated books on world war aircrafts, detailed modelling guides, and first-hand accounts of air warfare.

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