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US Vice President used a C-17 as Air Force Two after C-32 suffered a bird strike

The C-32 suffered a bird strike to the starboard engine and US Vice President Mike Pence was seen inspecting the damage together with the crew and other officials.

US Vice President Mike Pence was forced to use a C-17 as Air Force Two to Joint Base Andrews from Manchester airport after the C-32 ferrying him had a bird strike after take-off, Alert5.com reports.

According to the following video by ABC, the engine affected was the starboard side one and Pence was seen inspecting the damage together with the crew and other officials.

C-32As are operated by the 1st Airlift Squadron of the 89th Airlift Wing.

The C-32 is a specially configured version of the Boeing 757-200 commercial intercontinental airliner. The C-32 body is identical to that of the Boeing 757-200, but has different interior furnishings and 21st century avionics. The passenger cabin is divided into four sections:

  • The forward area has a communications center, galley, lavatory and 10 business class seats.
  • The second section is a fully-enclosed stateroom for the use of the primary passenger. It
    includes a changing area, private lavatory, separate entertainment system, two first-class
    swivel seats and a convertible divan that seats three and folds out to a bed.
  • The third section contains the conference and staff facility with eight business class seats.
  • The rear section of the cabin contains general seating with 32 business-class seats, galley,
    two lavatories and closets.
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Photo credit: U.S. Air Force

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