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Video shows first KC-390 prototype after runway excursion

Embraer says the crew are safe and uninjured. The extent of any damage to the KC-390 was not immediately available.

The first KC-390 prototype had a runway excursion at the Embraer Unidade Gavião Peixoto Airport on May 5, 2018.

Embraer says the crew are safe and uninjured. An investigation has started to determine the cause.

Noteworthy Gavião Peixoto is Embraer’s military aircraft production and flight test centre deep in the interior of Sao Paulo state. The airport boasts the longest, publicly accessible runway in the Americas, measuring 4,970m (16,300ft).

According Flight Global the extent of any damage to the KC-390 was not immediately available.

The prototype, registration PT-ZNF, returned to flight two months ago after fixing damage caused by a dangerous incident in flight test on Oct. 12, 2017. In that incident, the crew recovered the aircraft after losing control during a slow-speed stall test.

Embraer showcased the same aircraft last month at the FIDAE air show in Santiago, Chile, flying a group of international journalists over the Andes to demonstrate the aircraft’s fitness to continue participating in the military certification programme.

Embraer plans to deliver the first KC-390 to the Brazilian Air Force’s 11th Wing in Rio de Janeiro by the end of the year.

The KC-390 is a new generation military transport aircraft. According the company, the KC-390 offers unmatched mobility, delivering much more logistics, much faster, much further, anywhere and, therefore, requiring fewer aircraft to accomplish the most demanding missions, as well as flying more missions using the same number of flight hours when compared to previous generation turboprop aircraft. The aircraft’s outstanding performance, displaying cruise speed in excess of 470 knots, offers the operator the capability to perform more sorties per day, cover greater distances in a single crew-duty day and to respond quickly to crisis situations.

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