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Some quick fact about the YF-22A, the Lockheed Martin's design for the ATF competition
The YF-22A was Lockheed Martin's design for the ATF Competition for the USAF where it was picked over its competitor, the Nothrop YF-23A The interesting photo in this post shows F-22 less known older brother, the YF-22A. Actually the YF-22A was the Raptor's technology demonstrator. This fighter in fact was Lockheed Martin's design for the Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF) Competition...
YF-23A thermal designer provides some interesting details about Northrop ATF
"The USAF ATF requirements did not require the ATF design to have a lot of agility. Northrop for the design of their YF-23A chose stealth over agility to meet the USAF specifications. Northrop's aft deck design shielded the aircraft from horizontal and look up threats by hiding the exhaust. Lockheed did the opposite, they chose agility over stealth for...