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Tag: Warsaw Pact

Vintage footage shows Jaguar attack aircraft undertaking motorway trials
As the Jaguar was the only conventional aircraft capable of being used from unprepared strips or motorways the British Aircraft Corporation decided to undertake a series of trials on the unopened stretch of the M55 motorway near Blackpool, Lancashire Take on Apr. 26, 1975, the interesting video in this post, shows Tim Ferguson, a test pilot for the British Aircraft...
A-10 pilot who landed his Hog gear up has been awarded Joe Foss Award for Excellence
On his second pass, Capt. Brett DeVries' gun malfunctioned. Simultaneously, the canopy of his aircraft blew off. The following article, titled ‘No Second Guesses:’ Selfridge Pilots Share Story of Emergency Landing, and written by Tech. Sgt. Daniel Heaton, 127th Wing, tells the story of a recent, successful emergency landing performed by an A-10 Thunderbolt II pilot of the 107th Fighter...