VMF-214 Black Sheep

The story of “Lulubelle,” Pappy Boyington’s F4U Corsair Nose Art that Never was

The story of “Lulubelle,” Pappy Boyington’s F4U Corsair Nose Art that Never was

Pappy Boyington and Lulubelle Col. Gregory "Pappy" Boyington (ret.), USMC was the "bad boy" hero of World War II that… Read More

4 months ago

VMFA-214 Black Sheep F-35B Lightning II strike fighters visit hometown of fighter ace Gregory “Pappy” Boyington

Four USMC F-35Bs from VMFA-214 made a quick stop at Coeur d’Alene Airport. Coeur d’Alene is the hometown of World… Read More

9 months ago

Boyington Shot Down and the story of the Zero-sen Pilot who claimed to have Shot Down his Corsair that sold its wares at Airshows next to Pappy’s Stall

Maj Greg “Pappy” Boyington was shot down on Jan. 3, 1944 near Rabaul in circumstances which continue to be misrepresented.… Read More

10 months ago

VMA-214 re-designated as VMFA-214 as the squadron prepares to transition from the AV-8B to the F-35B marking the sundown for Harriers on the West Coast

As part of the transition from the AV-8B Harrier to the F-35B Lightning II, VMA-214 was re-designated as VMFA-214. Marine… Read More

2 years ago

The story of the mission where VMF-214 Black Sheep CO Gregory “Pappy” Boyington shot down 5 Japanese fighters and became “ace in a day”

It was in the second week of September 1943 that everything started to go well for VMF-214 Black Sheep CO… Read More

2 years ago

Pappy Boyington’s F4U Corsair “Lulubelle” and the Nose Art that Never was

Dozens of artists, model makers, die-cast companies, and custom decal printers issued innumerable renditions of Boyington's F4U. But Lulubelle was… Read More

5 years ago