VF-142 Ghost Riders

Former F-14 Pilot Explains How He Managed to Land His ‘Missing Radome’ Tomcat aboard USS Eisenhower

‘We were going about 600 knots at 28,000 feet, so it was a loud boom, explosive decompression and the airplane… Read More

4 years ago

This U.S. Navy F-4B was able to make an emergency landing aboard USS Ranger after her radome was destroyed by Vietnamese AAA

Due to the damage the F-4B was later broken up for spare parts at Subic Bay, Philippines The main image… Read More

5 years ago

These “Phantom Boys” were the first Top Gun Graduates to score a MiG Kill

Beaulier went after the second MiG, using a 'lag pursuit' tactic to give his F-4J Phantom II the correct distance… Read More

5 years ago

That time a VF-142 F-14 Tomcat with missing radome made an emergency landing aboard USS Eisenhower

The pilot suffered a broken right collarbone and glass in both eyes, but managed to bring the VF-142 jet back… Read More

5 years ago