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Video gives an overview of the Yak-141, the Russian’s first supersonic V/STOL combat aircraft that never was
The Yak-141 was the world’s second supersonic V/STOL combat aircraft, after the experimental Dassault Mirage IIIV of 1965. The interesting video in this post is an overview of the Yakovlev Yak-141, Vertical/Short Take Off and Landing (V/STOL) Supersonic Combat Aircraft. Designed to meet a 1975 Soviet Navy requirement for an...
Former Marine relives September 2012 raid on Camp Bastion
"We heard the first explosion, then a second and then a third. The Taleban was on base and we were under attack. Believe me there was not a rifle in the rack one minute later, which left me looking for one," Willie Walker, Boeing airframe specialist and former Marine who witnessed raid on Camp Bastion Purchased from the U.K. in the 1970s...
Exhilarating vintage video provides a unique insight into Harrier V/STOL operations
"The thrill of rising vertically on a column of thrust from a wooded site is an exhilarating experience...whether it's the first time or the hundredth!," Chuck deVlaming, USAF exchange pilot who flew with RAF No. 1 Squadron Harrier jump jets Called Harrier Strike and Survive, the cool promotional video in this post shows how the legendary jump jet was able...