USS Midway

The A-7 missions during the Korean Tree Incident, the trimming of a tree in the DMZ that separated North and South Korea that nearly started a nuclear war

The catalyst for this event was a seemingly innocuous plan to trim a tree that was blocking the view of… Read More

1 month ago

That time two F-14 fighter jets were diverted to USS Midway (the carrier’s flight deck and infrastructure could not support regular operation of the large, heavy Tomcat)

There is no information that implies an F-14 ever flew from USS Midway. The interesting thing, however, is that long… Read More

6 months ago

The story of the USAF B-52 Stratofortress Strategic Bomber that did a fly-by below the flight deck of USS Ranger Aircraft Carrier

In 1990 a USAF B-52 Stratofortress strategic bomber was five miles out from USS Independence and asked permission to do… Read More

11 months ago

The story of the US Navy A-1H Skyraider attack aircraft that dropped a Toilet Bomb while on a mission over Mekong Delta during Vietnam War

Yes, this really happened. Once again history is stranger then fiction, and a lot funnier. The photos in this post… Read More

11 months ago

The story of the US Navy A-7 that gun killed a US Navy pilotless, errant Corsair II

With little time to try to regain control, Lt Cdr Mike Boston pulled the secondary handle between his legs. After… Read More

2 years ago

A-1 Vs MiG-17: Skyraider MiG Kills Part I

Aboard Midway, the Spad's radio report was misunderstood as one of the Spads having been downed. Greathouse finally convinced the… Read More

2 years ago

Did you know this is the Most Famous Ramp Strike in Movie History?

George Duncan ramp strike has been used in several films including Men of the Fighting Lady, Midway, and The Hunt for… Read More

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The tense story of the US Navy F-4 crew who had to eject while flying at high speed, low altitude over North Vietnam

At the time of the explosion, Lt. Jack Ensch and Lt. Cmdr. Michael Doyle were flying at 500 knots at… Read More

3 years ago

[Updated] That time a USAF B-52 Strategic Bomber did a fly-by below the flight deck of USS Ranger Aircraft Carrier

B-52 Pilot: “Ranger, we’re 5 miles out.”USS Ranger: “We do not have visual...”B-52 Pilot: “Look down” Taken in the spring of 1990 in… Read More

4 years ago

Vintage video shows Phinal F-4 Phantom launch from a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier

"It grows on you. It smells like an airplane, it makes a lot of noise, vibrates, goes fast, it's real… Read More

5 years ago

That time a South Vietnamese O-1 Bird Dog landed aboard USS Midway

Landing the Bird Dog on the deck of carrier without a tailhook was no easy task. Nevertheless Maj Ly Bung… Read More

5 years ago

Book tells the story of when two F-14 Tomcats were diverted to the USS Midway

LT Berg's biggest surprise on breaking out of the ever-lowering cloud ceiling was the sight of Midway, being so very… Read More

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Just as the A-1H Skyraider, NE/572 "Paper Tiger II" was being shot off a 1MC message came from the bridge,… Read More

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One rule of engagement was constant in all these incidents: make the intercept as close as possible to 100 miles… Read More

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