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Strange But True: The US Navy F-8 that became North Vietnam’s first confirmed aerial kill landed safely ashore.
Lt Cdr Thomas' F-8 had been hit in the utility hydraulic system, preventing him from raising the fighter's wing for a proper shipboard landing. He diverted to Da Nang, blowing down his landing gear with an emergency air system. The first acknowledged engagement between US Navy F-8 Crusaders and Vietnamese People’s Air Force (VPAF)...
The story behind this famous F7U Cutlass ramp strike
F7U pilots told LCDR Jay Alkire that he should have to use the afterburner in case of a wave-off, but he replied: "I don't need afterburner. I never taken a wave-off in my life." The famous video in this post shows U.S. Navy Vought F7U-3 Cutlass (BuNo 129595) from VF-124 Stingrays suffering ramp strike on landing aboard the aircraft carrier USS...