U.S. Air National Guard

Red Tails receives the first three F-35A Lightning II fighter jets

Red Tails receives the first three F-35A Lightning II fighter jets

The Red Tails are the third ANG unit slated to transition to the F-35A Lightning II The 187th Fighter Wing… Read More

3 months ago

ANG F-16 pilots who were tasked to ram United Airlines Flight 93 recall being ready to Sacrifice their Lives on 9/11

“Sass would ram his aircraft into the cockpit where the terrorists were, to destroy the flight controls, I would take… Read More

6 months ago

Florida Air National Guard begins retiring its beloved F-15C/D Eagle fighter jets. They will be replaced by F-35A Lightning II stealth fighters.

Florida ANG replacing F-15C/D with F-35A On Aug. 14, 2023, at Jacksonville Air National Guard Base (ANGB) Maj. Brannon Ferguson,… Read More

7 months ago

173rd FW ‘Eagle Driver’ becomes the first ANG fighter pilot selected to be a Thunderbird demonstration pilot

First ANG Thunderbird pilot The US Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron, known as the “Thunderbirds”, recently announced the latest addition… Read More

7 months ago

Air Defender 23, NATO’s Biggest Air Exercise Ever, Kicks Off Led by German Air Force

In coordinated combined operations, the Allied air forces demonstrate they are capable of defending NATO territory with swift decisive action.… Read More

9 months ago

F-15D Eagle Skids Off the Runway into Canal at Kingsley Field, pilot exits the aircraft safely

A USAF F-15D Eagle departed the runway during landing at approximately 3:15 p.m. on May 15, 2023 at Kingsley Field… Read More

10 months ago

William Tell competition resumes after nineteen years and will showcase the air-to-air capabilities of USAF and ANG F-22, F-35 and F-15 Eagle units

The historic competition is named after the legendary Swiss archer and was a biennial competition that encouraged the most challenging… Read More

11 months ago

14 F-15 Eagle fighters from Kadena air base have reached Kingsley Field. The jets were ‘Code-1’ within 24-hours of their arrival.

The 173rd Fighter Wing will send seven of the F-15 Eagle fighter jets to guard units in California, Massachusetts, and… Read More

1 year ago

“Commando Solo, music off.” EC-130J PSYOPS aircraft performs final broadcast

Airmen from the 193rd Special Operations Wing, who operate the EC-130J Commando Solo, the only flying military radio and TV… Read More

1 year ago

Meet 1st Lt. Kelsey Flannery, US Air National Guard first female F-35A Lightning II pilot

The US Air National Guard now has a female F-35 pilot in its ranks with 1st Lt. Kelsey Flannery joining… Read More

1 year ago

End of an era as Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16 Viper fighter jets in the US fly for the last time

Air National Guard Airmen and Royal Netherlands Air Force personnel celebrated the end of an era as the RNLAF landed… Read More

2 years ago

Former A-10 pilot explains why taxiing in the Warthog “feels like leg day at the gym.” (Not all of the A-10s have a parking brake!)

‘The Warthog does two things quickly: shoot bullets, and taxi. That pup wants to roll,’ Lynn Taylor, former A-10 Pilot.… Read More

3 years ago

Cool time-lapse video of Blacksnake A-10 paint job

The Blacksnakes of the 122nd Fighter Wing conceptualized the A-10 design in order to commemorate 100 years of aviation in… Read More

3 years ago

USAF Plans to retire 42 A-10 Warthogs. Indiana ANG and one squadron at Davis-Monthan will lose their aircraft, but both units will pick up new missions.

The USAF wants to come down from nine A-10 Warthog operational squadrons to seven and keep one “full-up” operational squadron… Read More

3 years ago

The Hungarian Air Force female Mi-24 pilot who scored two simulated gun kills against US Air National Guard F-15C Eagle fighter jets

A few times, Lt. Éva ‘Vivi’ Horváth, the female pilot of one of the Mi-24V’s was able to keep a… Read More

3 years ago

Eastern Air Defense Sector takes group photo with F-16 #89-114, one of the jets that responded to 9/11 terror attacks

On Jun. 9, 2021 the Eastern Air Defense Sector had a unit photograph taken at the neighboring Griffiss International Airport… Read More

3 years ago

190th Fighter Squadron emerged as the overall winner for Hawgsmoke 2021, a biannual A-10 Thunderbolt II competition, at Moody AFB

The 190th Fighter Squadron won all three team awards: overall champion, top bombing team and top tactical team. The overall… Read More

3 years ago