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Turkey says Greek S-300 SAMs locked on to its F-16 fighter jets

Turkey says Greek S-300 SAMs locked on to its F-16 fighter jets

The Turkish Defense Ministry said in a statement that Greek air defense missile systems locked onto Turkish F-16 fighter jets… Read More

1 year ago

Su-15 Vs F-100: why Flagon fighter jets were never able to intercept Turkish Super Sabres violating Soviet airspace

The lone Su-15 proved incapable of intercepting the F-100s, because its radar lacked `look-down/shoot-down' capability. Closed in 1949, the Sukhoi… Read More

1 year ago

Turkey could soon train its fighter pilots on Qatar’s Rafales to learn how to counter Greek Rafales

The reason for Turkey’s push to strike a military training agreement with Qatar was to familiarize THK with the Rafale… Read More

2 years ago

Biden administration is continuing its predecessor’s policy of excluding Turkey from F-35 program

The Trump administration decided to kick Turkey out of the F-35 program in July 2019 because it bought the S-400… Read More

3 years ago

Here’s why ‘who would win a 1-v-1 air engagement, (Turkish) F-16 or (Syrian) MiG-29?’ is a No Go Question

Combat aircraft aren't some kind of medieval knights on a jousting tournament. They're not even 'Spitfires vs Bf.109s' any more.… Read More

4 years ago

Turkish Air Force F-16 Shot Down Syrian L-39 over Syria

The L-39 was shot down near the city of Maraat en-Nuuman. The TuAF F-16 fighter did not enter Syrian airspace.… Read More

4 years ago

Turkish Air Force Shot down two Syrian Su-24 Jets after Turkish Drone was shot down over Idlib Region, Syria

The Syrian Su-24 strike aircraft were brought down as they were trying to attack Turkish Air Force aircraft. The Turkish… Read More

4 years ago

Turks Call the F-16 Junk After Watching this Video of the Su-35 Demonstration at Technofest 2019

Turks seem to consider the Su-35 way better than the F-16 already in service with the Turkish Air Force. Filmed… Read More

4 years ago

Turkey Considers the Sukhoi Su-35 (and Chinese and/or Pakistani Fighters As Well)

If Turkish Ministry of Defense gives a thumbs up, Turkey will start official negotiations with Russia to go from F-35… Read More

4 years ago

Maj. Halit Oktay is the first Turkish pilot to fly the F-35

On Jun. 19, Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Mike Andrews said Turkish pilots and maintenance personnel were being trained on the… Read More

5 years ago

Trump blocks F-35 transfer to Turkey, deepening rift with NATO ally 

The sale of the F-35 to Turkey is particularly controversial, because Ankara also plans to purchase the sophisticated Russian-built S-400… Read More

5 years ago


Between 300 and 350 of the dismissed personnel after the thwarted coup were fighter pilots and as a result TuAF… Read More

6 years ago

Are fifty Focke-Wulf Fw 190 World War II fighters buried in Turkey?

The U.S. wanted the German Focke-Wulf Fw 190s destroyed as a condition for selling its used warplanes to Turkey Around… Read More

7 years ago