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Here's another story of an A-10 Warthog that landed safely with a hole in the cowling of her left engine
"As I let off the trigger on my second pass, I saw that the master caution light had started flashing. I looked down into the cockpit and saw that my entire left engine instrument stack was completely lit up. Everything that could be lit up was lit up," Capt Aaron Cavazos, 75th EFS A-10 Warthog pilot The A-10 Warthog is...
The stretch of road that Haddad and his crew had fired on quickly became known as the "Highway of Death" due to the enormity of the destruction caused that night The AC-130 gunship (in its various versions) is a heavily armed aircraft incorporating side-firing weapons integrated with sophisticated sensor, navigation, and fire control systems to provide surgical firepower or area saturation...