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Here’s why the B-58’s Tail Gun Rounds moved Backwards when They Left the Muzzle
The tail gun of the B-58 boasted many firsts for an aircraft defensive gun including the first fully automatic defensive gun fire control system The U.S. Air Force's first operational supersonic bomber, the B-58 made its initial flight on Nov. 11, 1956. The four engine delta winged aircraft was the world’s...
Here's how B-52 tail gunners made of the BUFF a MiG killer
"I fired at the bandit until it ballooned to 3 times in intensity then suddenly disappeared from my radar scope at approximately 1,200 yards, 6:30 low. I expended 800 rounds in 3 bursts," Airman 1st Class Albert Moore, B-52D Diamond Lil tail gunner If the U.S. Air Force Academy's landmarks could speak, the B-52 Stratofortress near the north gate would...