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Swedish Air Force JAS-39 Gripen crashes after bird strike; pilot ejected safely.
The pilot of the Swedish-built JAS-39 Gripen fighter aircraft aborted the landing he was attempting and ejected A Swedish Air Force (Svenska Flygvapnet) JAS-39 Gripen fighter crashed on Aug. 21, 2018 near an air base in southern Sweden after striking several birds as it was about to land, Sweden's Armed Forces said. The pilot of the Swedish-built Gripen fighter aircraft aborted the...
Viggen Vs Blackbird: how Swedish JA-37 fighter pilots were able to achieve radar lock on the legendary SR-71 Mach 3 spy plane
"In total I have five hot intercepts against the SR-71 to my credit. All can be described as successful," Per-Olof Eldh, Swedish Air Force JA-37 Viggen pilot At the height of the Cold War, when East-West tensions were at their greatest, Swedish JA-37 Jaktviggen (or fighter Viggen) fighter pilots were scrambled on 400-500 live Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) missions per...