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Last Axalp Air Power Demonstration for Swiss Air Force F-5 Tiger IIs
2018 edition of Axalp exercise will be remembered for having been the last one for Swiss Air Force F-5 Tiger IIs Taken on Oct. 11, 2018 the photos in this post show Swiss Air Force air assets in action during the annual Axalp Air Power Demonstration. Held at Ebenfluh firing range near the summit of the 7,614 feet (2,321m) high Axalphorn mountain in central...
The Aviation Geek Club will fly aboard Swiss Air Force helicopter to attend Axalp 2017
We will have the unique chance to fly aboard one of the service helicopters to reach the spot from which we will attend the Axalp live fire event The Aviation Geek Club has been officially invited to attend the annual Swiss Air Force live fire event at the Axalp-Ebenfluh air force shooting range, in the canton of Bern. We will have...