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Video Shows Russian Su-25 Frogfoot attack aircraft being shot down by Syrian rebels
Although the Su-25 pilot survived the crash he was killed in a ground fight, Moscow said A Russian Sukhoi Su-25 (NATO reporting name: Frogfoot) attack aircraft has been shot down in a rebel-held area in Syria's north-western province of Idlib. The jihadist Hayat Tahrir al-Sham alliance claimed it had shot down the Frogfoot using a shoulder-launched surface-to-air missile (SAM). According Russian defence...
Russia to develop new single seat fighter bomber based on Su-34
The new strike aircraft will feature the same engines as the Su-34 and will replace the Su-25 Chairman of Russia’s Federation Council Defense and Security Committee, Viktor Bondarev, disclosed that Russia might one day have a new single-seat attack jet based on the Su-34. The former head of the Russian Air and Space Force (RuASF) added that the new jet will...