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The story of Tammie Jo Shults, the heroic former female U.S. Naval Aviator who safely landed her stricken Boeing 737
“Southwest 1380, we’re single engine. We have part of the aircraft missing so we’re going to need to slow down a bit,” Tammie Jo Shults, Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 pilot Tammie Jo Shults's voice was calm yet focused as her Boeing 737-700 descended with 149 people on board. “Southwest 1380, we’re single engine,” Shults, a former fighter pilot with the...
Impressive video shows Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 suffering engine compressor stall before conducting emergency landing
The Boeing 737-700 crew decided to return to the airport "after receiving a cockpit indication of a performance issue with one of the aircraft engines. Following established protocol and procedures, the pilots completed an uneventful landing," Southwest Airlines statement Taken from one of the passengers aboard Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700, registration N431WN performing flight WN-604 from Salt Lake City,UT to...