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Interesting video features airshow comparison between F-35A and J-31
Giving the heavy smoke from exhausts heat signature is very high for the J-31 and could affect its stealthiness. The video in this post features an interesting F-35A Lightning II Vs J-31 Gryfalcon “Airshow Comparison.” This model is available from AirModels – CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS.
F-16/Su-57 and F-35/J-31 Aggressor Paint Schemes unveiled
The F-16/Su-57 camo will be most probably realized for early summer The interesting pictures in this post show the new paint scheme (aimed to reproduce the Russian Su-57 Stealth Fighter) of Nellis F-16 Aggressors which will be most probably realized for early summer.
Even if at first look this paint scheme resembled that worn by China's Shenyang J-31 fifth-generation fighter, this F-16 doesn not feature a new paint scheme but is in the process of being repainted into the new black/grey/white splinter scheme  Taken on Jul. 31, 2017 during Red Flag Alaska (RF-A) 17-3 underway at Eielson Air Force Base (AFB), Alaska the interesting...