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Impressive video shows Swedish Air Force J-35 Draken performing the “Cobra” Maneuver
The J-35 had an inherent instability that could lead to superstall, a phenomenon attributed to the Draken’s special wing planform. The impressive video in this post shows Swedish Air Force J-35 (SK 35C) Draken trainers performing the Cobra Maneuver. This maneuver was used by the Swedish Air Force during the...
Viggen Vs Blackbird: how Swedish JA-37 fighter pilots were able to achieve radar lock on the legendary SR-71 Mach 3 spy plane
"In total I have five hot intercepts against the SR-71 to my credit. All can be described as successful," Per-Olof Eldh, Swedish Air Force JA-37 Viggen pilot At the height of the Cold War, when East-West tensions were at their greatest, Swedish JA-37 Jaktviggen (or fighter Viggen) fighter pilots were scrambled on 400-500 live Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) missions per...