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And here’s Argentina first F-16

And here’s Argentina first F-16

Argentina first F-16 On Apr. 16, 2024, Argentina has finalised a deal to procure former Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF)… Read More

1 week ago

Argentina signs letter of intent to buy 24 F-16 fighter jets from Denmark

Argentina signs letter of intent on the possible sale of 24 Danish F-16 fighter jets On Mar. 26, 2024 in… Read More

4 weeks ago

US State Department clears the transfer of 38 F-16 Viper fighter jets from Denmark to Argentina

Transfer of 38 F-16 Vipers to Argentina cleared The US State Department has cleared the transfer of F-16 fighter jets… Read More

7 months ago

Biden Administration notifies Congress on potential sale of 38 F-16s to Argentina in a move aimed at countering the JF-17 fighter jets offered by China

The proposed arms package includes the sale of up to 38 F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jets from Denmark and four… Read More

9 months ago

Never underestimate your enemy: US Navy A-7 pilot recalls the mock dogfight he had against a Danish F-104 flying low and fast

‘I had the opportunity, in the late 70’s to tangle with an F-104 (Danish) down low and going pretty fast,… Read More

12 months ago

Photos of Nord Stream gas leaks taken by Royal Danish Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jet

Aerial pictures of the leaks were taken by one of the pilots onboard an F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jet operated… Read More

2 years ago

NATO F-35 Milestone: Denmark’s first F-35A Lightning II performs maiden flight

Denmark is joining four other European nations who already operate the F-35: the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Norway and Italy.… Read More

3 years ago

Check out these photos of the RDAF F-16AM adorned to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Danish flag

On Jun. 15, 2019 F-16AM E-191 made a roundtrip over Denmark to celebrate 800 years of Dannebrog (the Danish national… Read More

5 years ago

Luke AFB stands up new F-35A squadron to train Dutch and Danes Lightning II’s fighter pilots

“The 308th FS is the fourth F-35A squadron at Luke, but the most important part of this activation is that… Read More

5 years ago