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In late 1970s the British MoD concluded that the F-14 was the only fighter that could meet Britain’s defence needs but RAF never bought the Tomcat. Here’s why.

The prospect of an RAF F-14 Tomcat buy was discussed. One method of lowering the bill might have been to… Read More

1 month ago

UK, Italy and Japan team up for the Tempest, the sixth-generation fighter that will be able to use artificial intelligence

The Tempest will be a sixth-generation fighter jet. The aircraft will replace the RAF Eurofighter Typhoon fleet, and will be… Read More

2 months ago

In 1980s the US offered the UK the chance to buy the F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter to equip RAF Squadrons but the British MoD declined the proposal. Here’s why.

US President Ronald Reagan had offered Margaret Thatcher the chance to work on US advanced military programs during the 1980s… Read More

2 months ago

Time to cry because it’s ended: Vulcan XH558 to start her engines for one last time on Nov. 20 before being put to sleep forever

Anyone that wants to hear the Vulcan engine's iconic "howl" for the last time has been invited to stand on… Read More

3 months ago

With a total of 53 missiles successfully launched, RAF Typhoon and F-35B Lightning II aircraft conducted their largest ever mass firing of ASRAAMs

Over the space of 10 days, pilots from eight different squadrons successfully launched a total of 53 ASRAAM missiles at… Read More

3 months ago

This RAF Phantom was stenciled with an “F-117 DON’T ASK” zap after it made an emergency landing at Tonopah AFB

A RAF Phantom FGR.2 (F-4M in US speak) diverted there during RED FLAG 90-1, arriving back at Nellis with an… Read More

4 months ago

Russian Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker fighter jet fires missile near RAF RC-135W Rivet Joint reconnaissance aircraft

On Sep. 29 a Russian Sukhoi Su-27 (NATO reporting name: Flanker) fighter jet “released a missile” near a British RC-135… Read More

4 months ago

Preserved [Non-flyable] Avro Vulcan XM655 suffered Runway Excursion during fast taxi run

Avro Vulcan XM655 suffered a runway excursion at Wellesbourne-Mountford airfield, UK, on Sep. 16, 2022 during the trial run for… Read More

5 months ago

Meet the Gloster Meteor F8 “Prone Pilot:” The Fighter Jet used to evaluate the advantages of coping with the effects of Gravity while flying Lying Down

Meteor F8 WK935 was selected for modification and joined the Institute of Aviation Medicine in the autumn of 1954. A… Read More

6 months ago

Cool video features RAF A400M Atlas and C-130 Hercules Cargo Aircraft performing Beach Landings

The cool video in this post features RAF A400M Atlas and a Lockheed C-130J Hercules cargo aircraft doing beach landings… Read More

8 months ago

An in-Depth Analysis of why Allied Heavy Bombing on D-Day Failed

1,300 Lancaster and Halifax bombers were incapable of neutralizing ten coastal artillery batteries on Jun. 6, 1944. 1,400 Liberators and… Read More

8 months ago

The incredible story of the RAF Mosquito Pilot that was able to land his Aircraft with the Tip of a Bullet from a Luftwaffe Ju 188 in his Liver

A good Ju 188 gunner could make his mark even on a Mosquito, as happened over the English Channel, some… Read More

8 months ago

Legendary German Ace Adolf Galland tells the story of when He nearly Burned to Death after his Messerschmitt Bf 109 was badly damaged by a RAF Spitfire

On Jun. 21, 1941, Galland had blasted a Spitfire out of a formation north-east of Boulogne. He watched the flaming… Read More

11 months ago

The Dogfight where Italian Macchi C.202 Fighters damaged the Spitfire of Future ranking Malta ace Sgt George Beurling

No Spitfires had been lost, although Plt Off A S Yates’ fighter had been so badly damaged he was forced… Read More

11 months ago

Hangar 51 company buys Thunder City collection of Ex-Military Jets and aims to use it for Adversary Air Services

At the end of 2021, Jay Smith, an oil entrepreneur who had sold his business and has a passion for… Read More

12 months ago