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Red Arrows Leader remembers the moment he ejected after a crash landing in a Harrier in 2009
"The 10 year challenge? 14 May '09 pivotal moment in my flying career. Have made no secret of involvement in terrifying incident in KAF,” Martin Pert, Red Arrows Leader. Martin Pert, current "Red 1", the team Leader of the UK’s Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team Red Arrows, posted the following:
The Black Arrows and the story of the World record "22 Hunter Loop" formation
"All the Hunters are now standing vertically on their tails. For better or worse we are now virtually committed to completing this loop in some fashion or other. From this attitude there is little one can safety do with so many aircraft, other than loop them. It is the point of no return!" Squadron Leader Roger L.Topp The Black Arrows, one...
Red Arrows Hawk crashes at RAF Valley
The engineer was killed, while the pilot survived the crash and is believed to have ejected shortly before the Hawk aircraft hit the ground at the base in Anglesey According U.k. Ministry of Defence, a Red Arrows Hawk jet (reportedly "Red 3") crashed shortly after take-off at RAF Valley in north Wales, on Mar. 20, 2018. As explained by The Telegraph...
The Aston Martin Vanquish S has been designed to emulate the experience of piloting a Red Arrows Hawk jet Unveiled on Apr. 9, 2017, the cool car that you see in the photos of this article is one of the ten Red Arrows-inspired Aston Martin Vanquish S. Commissioned to celebrate two of the most iconic marques in British history and engineering,...