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That time two RAF Phantoms escorted two Soviet Bears over France because French fighters were grounded by Bastille Day celebrations
"I could not avoid a feeling of irritation when I pictured our Mirage colleagues as they attended their Bastille barbecues on this mid-summer's day," Alan Winkles, former RAF Phantom pilot "The French, without doubt, are proud of their way of life and French folk will usually be eager to claim the virtues of their je sais quoi factor. Sometimes, however, the...
That time a lone RAF Lightning intercepted a horde of 80 Soviet strategic bombers
"While the mass contacts of 60...70...80 (who knows?) contacts which, as if raging bulls bent on widespread death and destruction, bore down on my sole Lightning, I spoke with the controller at RAF Saxa Vord. The controller confirmed that my radar information was correct and that the incoming hordes now ranged from twenty to sixty miles from my current...