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During Operation Desert Storm IrAF MiG-25s claimed to have shot down a USAF F-15C. And a Bedouin smuggler confirmed the kill.
IrAF MiG-25s were involved in Operation Samurrá, the IrAF's last attempt at engaging the American F-15Cs. By Jan. 28, 1991 some 82 of Iraq's newest and most advanced combat aircraft — including four MiG-29s, 24 Mirage F1s, and 24 Sukhoi Su-24 twin-jet tactical bombers — had been evacuated to Iran.
Iraqi MiG-25 Foxbat Pilot explains how he was able to shoot down Lt Cdr Speicher’s F/A-18 Hornet the first night of Operation Desert Storm
“I locked a target 38km from me and at 29km I fired R-40RD missile from under my right wing. I kept the target locked with my radar till I witnessed a huge explosion in front of me,” Lt Zuhair Dawoud, IrAF MiG-25 pilot. The opening round of Operation Desert Storm...