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That time a Wife had her Wedding Ring flown at Mach 3
"Suddenly the wife began sliding her wedding ring off and handed it to me. She said, 'I would love to have my ring flown at Mach 3,'" Richard H. Graham, SR-71 pilot The following story appears in Col. Richard H. Graham’s book Flying the SR-71 Blackbird. At a Wife's Insistence Sometimes visitors would ask if we would take a personal trinket of theirs...
How to pee at Mach 3: former SR-71 driver explains how to go to the bathroom while flying the iconic Blackbird
"How about solid waste? We just had to control any urges. There was occasional incidents; no names mentioned here!" Richard H. Graham, SR-71 pilot In the following story, which appears in Col. Richard H. Graham’s book Flying the SR-71 Blackbird, Graham himself explains how you could have a bathroom break while flying the legendary Habu. Bathroom Breaks The most frequently asked question about the pressure...