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Former RAF Jaguar pilot tells the story of when he was shot down by a RAF Phantom interceptor
"Giving up on the medics, we decided it was time for the bar and he offered me a lift home. Only on the way back to Brüggen did I find out what had happened. The Phantom I had seen fly over the farmer's field had shot me down!" Group Captain Steve Griggs, former RAF Jaguar pilot The following article contains excerpts...
Phantom Girl!: the story of Penny Wild, the fighter controller who became the RAF's only female Phantom driver
Penny Wild found the lightness of the hydraulically-operated controls to be a little unnerving at first but soon, when the two aircraft split for practice interceptions, she was exhilarated to think that this was no dream but that, yes, here she was in real life actually handling the potent, famous Phantom... The following article contains excerpts from the story titled Fighter...
That time a RAF Phantom crew jokingly requested fuel from an Argentine Air Force KC-130 flying over the Falklands
Archie's fingers felt carefully for the in-flight refuelling probe switch. When he operated the switch, Archie and his navigator heard the typical thumps and clunks that signified movement of their flight-refuelling probe. After a moment or two, to Archie's astonishment the Hercules' refuel drogue gave a slight lurch before it began to emerge from the hose drum unit! The following story titled...