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New Pensacola Bay bridge could be named after Operation Bolo Hero Gen. Daniel Chappie James
In Southeast Asia, Gen. Chappie James served as deputy commander for operations and later vice wing commander of the 8th TFW. Along with Robin Olds, James formed a strong leadership and combat team, inevitably dubbed “Black Man and Robin.” As reported by Pensacola News Journal, the new Pensacola Bay bridge...
Col. John "JB" Stone, the pilot who devised Operation Bolo, flies with the Wolf Pack one more time
  Over some cheap beers with Olds and critical thought of the resources available, Col. John "JB" Stone devised the plan that would later become a pivotal point in aviation history Everyone knows the moment the Wolf Pack was born in 1967 under the leadership of Robin Olds, but some may not know where the idea to disguise F-4s as F-105s...
The legendary triple ace Robin Olds and Mustache March tradition
The act of growing a mustache as a gesture of defiance against dogmatic leadership is attributed to USAF "triple ace" Robin Olds Throughout history, mustaches have been worn by military men. Generally, young men and lower ranks displayed smaller, less elaborate mustaches. As a man advanced in rank, his mustache would become thicker and bushier, until he was permitted to...