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U.S. and other Foreign Volunteers with the Israeli Air Force during the October 1973 War
What information has become available so far indicates the presence of only three U.S. officers with the IDF/AF during the October 1973 War Arab, especially Egyptian observers repeatedly claimed that volunteers from the U.S. Air Force (USAF) and the U.S. Navy, with combat experience from Vietnam, were deployed to Israel to support the...
Operation Nickel Grass: The C-5/C-141 Airlift that saved Israel
It is sufficient to say that U.S. military transport aircraft - much larger than those deployed by other belligerents in Yom Kippur War - delivered no fewer than 22,345 tons of freight in the course of 556 sorties flown by Oct. 24, 1973 Western military observers often emphasise that during the October 1973...