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Former North Vietnamese MiG-21 pilot explains how he was able to shoot down a USAF B-52 during Operation Linebacker II
"I launched two heat seeking missiles from a distance of 2 kilometers. Big flames were visible around the second B-52 when I broke sharply to the left and descended to 2,000 meters," Pham Tuan, former NVAF MiG-21 pilot In response to the North Vietnamese "Easter Offensive" into South Vietnam in 1972, President Nixon suspended peace talks on May 8 and ordered...
The incredible story of the Air America UH-1D Huey that shot down a North Vietnamese AN-2 Colt biplane
The AN-2 pilot  was forced to reduce the speed and Woods fired an AK-47 rifle from his UH-1D at the cockpit of the Colt which went into a flat spin and crashed The incredible story of the first CIA air-to-air victory. In mid-1967 when Operation Rolling Thunder was underway the bad weather over North Vietnam made difficult to find and strike...