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The story of the Hunter pilot who performed a flypast through Tower Bridge to mark RAF's 50th anniversary
"I'd had absolutely no idea that Tower Bridge would be there. It was easy enough to fly over it, but the idea of flying through the spans suddenly struck me. I had just ten seconds to grapple with the seductive proposition which few ground attack pilots of any nationality could have resisted. Years of fast low-level strike flying made...
Exhilarating vintage video provides a unique insight into Harrier V/STOL operations
"The thrill of rising vertically on a column of thrust from a wooded site is an exhilarating experience...whether it's the first time or the hundredth!," Chuck deVlaming, USAF exchange pilot who flew with RAF No. 1 Squadron Harrier jump jets Called Harrier Strike and Survive, the cool promotional video in this post shows how the legendary jump jet was able...