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Tag: Mirage III

ATAC took delivery of all 63 refurbished Mirage F1s
ATAC Mirage F1 inventory represents the single largest common fleet of privately-owned ADAIR aircraft in the world. Airborne Tactical Advantage Company (ATAC) has received all 63 refurbished Mirage F1s. As previously reported, the company had bought 63 ex-French Mirage F1 fighters for 21 million euros in 2017.
The Egyptian Air Force First Phantom Killer that never was
'Then my leader yelled, "Break, break, we have two aircraft behind!" So, I forgot about the smoking Phantom and turned away. I left him southeast of Suez, and the jet crossed into Sinai. I think the F-4 crashed on the way home ...,' Ahmed Atef, Egyptian Air Force MiG-21 Pilot The reason the Israeli Air Force (IAF) worked so hard to obtain the...
Former Egyptian MiG pilots provide an unprecedented perspective on Six-Day War "pre-emptive" Israeli strike against EAF airfields
'I called him to ask what was happening. He answered, "It's fantastic, they are attacking the dummy planes on the old runway! The real planes, which had been hidden under cover, weren't attacked. None of these were hit during the first two attacks,' EAF MiG pilot Tahir Zaki phone conversation with Wg Cdr Mamdouh Taliba Practically everything there is to...
The F1 was different from previous Mirages since it featured a conventional swept wing and tail surfaces instead of the familiar delta wing Filmed more than 2 years ago, the gorgeous footage in this post shows the last operational Armée de l'Air (French Air Force) Mirage F1s in action before the aircraft retirement, which actually took place on Jun. 13,...