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Tag: Mirage 5A Dagger

The story of how Argentine Air Force Dagger fighters severely damaged HMS Ardent during the Falklands War
“It was a Sea Harrier going for Captain Robles’ aircraft. Almost simultaneously I saw fire in my mirror and immediately I felt the impact of a missile in my Dagger, which remained without controls," 1st Lieutenant Luna, Argentine Air Force A risky anti-ship mission conducted by the Argentinian Dagger fighters during the Falklands War. On Apr. 2, 1982 the Argentine Navy and thousands...
The story of a tense CAP flown by two Royal Navy Sea Harrier fighters during the Falklands War
The Sea Harrier was dubbed by Argentine pilots “La Muerta Negra” (The Black Death) because of its Extra Dark Sea Grey colour scheme which made it very difficult to spot over land or sea The story of a tense combat air patrol sortie flown by two Royal Navy Sea Harrier fighters during Operation Sutton. Royal Navy Sea Harriers proved their worth...