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Tag: MiG-25PD

Here's an insight into MiG-25PD operations conducted against Det 4 SR-71s flying over the Baltic Sea
Had there ever been an order to shoot down the SR-71, the MiG-25PD crews were ready. But the routine of this event never escalated to such a dramatic situation Immediately after World War II, it was clear that two geopolitical systems would dominate the world. Inherent in both was their mutually abiding mistrust of one another, which sowed the seeds...
The defection of Viktor Belenko, the pilot who stole the super secret Soviet's MiG-25 fighter jet
The MiG-25 was of special importance to the Soviet air defence, since (until the MiG-31 entered service) it was the only aircraft capable of intercepting the Lockheed SR-71A strategic reconnaissance aircraft On Sep. 6, 1976, Lt Viktor Belenko, a pilot of a PVO unit based at Chuguyevka air base north of Vladivostok (some sources state Sakharovka air base) failed to...