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Dogfighting Foxbats: USAF F-15s Vs Iraqi (or Russian?) MiG-25s
'I looked at him more closely and saw that he had two missile pylons under each wing. Now I knew that it was not an F-15 or F-14. That was the moment I knew that my target was a "Foxbat". Then I started shooting' Rick 'Kluso' Tollini, F-15 pilot The F-15C Eagle is an all-weather, extremely maneuverable, tactical fighter designed to permit...
The defection of Viktor Belenko, the pilot who stole the super secret Soviet's MiG-25 fighter jet
The MiG-25 was of special importance to the Soviet air defence, since (until the MiG-31 entered service) it was the only aircraft capable of intercepting the Lockheed SR-71A strategic reconnaissance aircraft On Sep. 6, 1976, Lt Viktor Belenko, a pilot of a PVO unit based at Chuguyevka air base north of Vladivostok (some sources state Sakharovka air base) failed to...
Foxbat Vs Blackbird: why the MiG-25 never posed a credible threat to the SR-71 Mach 3 spy plane
SR-71s flew off the coast of Russia, "taunting and toying with MiG-25s sent up to intercept them, scooting up to altitudes the Soviet planes could not reach," Viktor Belenko, former Soviet MiG-25 pilot In the late 1960s, the USSR revealed the existence of the aircraft that appeared to be the world’s deadliest fighter, the MiG-25 (NATO reporting name “Foxbat”). This...