How Iraq opposition to the US policy in Vietnam made the Iraqi Air Force the second-largest operator of MiG-21s in the Middle East

Not only did the MiG-21 proved to be easy to maintain, but the Soviets were quick to deliver. Originally ordered… Read More

4 years ago

The story of No.26 Squadron “Black Ravens” MiG-21s, the Egyptian Air Force Top Guns of Yom Kippur War

Pilots from No. 26 Squadron strove to improve their skills to a degree where they could outmatch the Israelis, and… Read More

5 years ago

The Egyptian Air Force First Phantom Killer That Never Was

'Then my leader yelled, "Break, break, we have two aircraft behind!" So, I forgot about the smoking Phantom and turned… Read More

5 years ago

That Time an IrAF Commander painted a Female Lap on the Runway to help MiG-21 Pilots Accomplishing Successful Landings

The results of this exercise were unique: most of the pilots accomplished successful landings right 'on the spot' during their… Read More

5 years ago