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An in-depth analysis of infamous Dover C-5 crash – Part II: Training Analysis and Crash Summary
The pilot said they were slamming the throttles against the firewall, but they couldn’t get any more thrust and couldn’t understand why they could not. They still did not realize they had the wrong throttle forward Jay Lacklen is a former C-5 pilot with 12,500 flying hours and the author of two books, Flying the Line: An Air Force Pilot’s Journey and...
C-5 loadmaster gives you a tour of the gigantic Galaxy
Specially designed for heavy airlift, the C-5’s large front and rear cargo doors reduce cargo transfer times by allowing ground crews to load and off-load the aircraft simultaneously Forget mansions and swimming pools... Experience the height of luxury as SSgt. Tyler Waters, a loadmaster with the 9th Airlift Squadron at Dover Air Force Base (AFB), Delaware, gives you a tour...