Korean War

MiG-15 Fagot warbird loses canopy after taking off during the Classic Jet Aircraft Association air show

MiG-15 Fagot warbird loses canopy after taking off during the Classic Jet Aircraft Association air show

About 10 a.m. on Saturday Mar. 4, 2023 the MiG-15 Fagot took off from Fairhope Airport and shortly after liftoff,… Read More

3 months ago

Capt. E. Royce Williams, F9F-5 pilot who dogfight alone against 7 Soviet MiGs and shot down 4 of them, was awarded the Navy Cross but Medal of Honor still sought

The Navy Cross is an upgrade of the Silver Star Medal previously awarded to then-Lt. Williams on May 7, 1953,… Read More

5 months ago

The epic story of when F-86 pilot Robbie Risner Pushed his Wingman’s Crippled Sabre for 60 Miles to keep him out of Enemy Hands

In an effort to help him reach Kimpo, Robbie Risner attempted to push 1st Lt. Joseph Logan's F-86 by having… Read More

7 months ago

During the Korean War Chinese MiG-15 pilot Fan Wanzhang claimed to have shot down 3 USAF F-86s in dogfight where he fought alone against 8 Sabres

According to the 7th Regiment bibliography of the then Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force not only Wanzhang scored three… Read More

8 months ago

The day he scored his fifth victory, World’s first jet-versus-jet ace Capt. James Jabara was nearly shot down by future ace Capt Boris Abakumov

Having shot down his fifth MiG during the late afternoon of May 20, 1951, thereby becoming the first “ace” of… Read More

11 months ago

The Original Tomcat: Did you know the Grumman F7F Tigercat was originally to be named “Tomcat?”

On Memorial Day 1996, the F7F Tigercat flew its only airshow routine with its more modern descendant, the F-14 Tomcat,… Read More

11 months ago

The story of the Top-Secret Dogfight where legendary US Korean War F9F Naval Aviator E. Royce Williams, Jr., shot down 4 Soviet MiG-15s

Williams’ achievement was suppressed because of the political sensitivities about the long term effects of direct conflict with Soviet… Read More

1 year ago

Australian company to restart production of the iconic Albatross flying boat with the improved G-111T Variant

Australian company Amphibian Aerospace Industries will build new version of the legendary Albatross flying boat. Australian company Amphibian Aerospace… Read More

1 year ago

Impressive video shows USAF B-29 dropping the VB-13 Tarzon bomb, the American guided variant of the British 12,000-pound Tall Boy

The VB-13 Tarzon was essentially British 12,000-pound Tall Boy bomb fitted with forward and rear shrouds having control surfaces… Read More

1 year ago

The day future Baseball Hall of Famer Ted Williams crash-landed his F9F Panther jet following mission in Korea

Ted Williams completed his tour in Korea and returned to major league baseball, and he was inducted into the Baseball… Read More

1 year ago

Lightning Vs Spitfire: why the iconic Mach 2 interceptor struggled to win mock dogfights against the legendary WWII plane during the trial flights conducted by the RAF between the two types

“We did find that the piston-engined fighter presented very poor target to infra-red homing missiles, especially from the rear… Read More

2 years ago

Famous pilot and historian Walter J. Boyne explains why the 10:1 victory loss ratio of USAF F-86 pilots against MiG-15 pilots during the Korean War was just propaganda

The MiGs were so good that in October 1951, they succeeded where the pilots of the Luftwaffe had failed in… Read More

2 years ago

In 1953 this North Korean pilot flew its MiG-15 to South Korea. And Chuck Yeager flight-tested it.

Below the gunsight on Lt. No Kum-Sok’s MiG-15 was the following admonition in red Korean characters: "Pour out and zero… Read More

2 years ago

A US Navy F9F Panther and not USAF F-80 Shooting Star scored the first first jet-vs-jet kill, hence the official USAF history is wrong

F-80 pilot 1st Lt Russell J. Brown identified the plumes of burning kerosene from the falling tanks as the MiG… Read More

2 years ago

F-82 Twin Mustang navigator explains how he and his pilot scored the first air-to-air victory of the Korean War

“Our first burst hit the rear of the fuselage and knocked some pieces off. The Yak pilot racked it over… Read More

2 years ago

The day F-86 pilot “Robbie” Risner pursued MiG-15 flying between two hangars of an airfield 35 miles inside China

‘We were both at idle with our speed brakes out, just coasting. He looked over at me, raised his hand,… Read More

2 years ago