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That time a Ka-52 helicopter accidentally fired two S-8 rockets towards reporters
According to the video description the incident was caused by a short circuit. Brought to my attention by Matteo Arcolin, a reader of The Aviation Geek Club, the video in this post was taken on Sep. 17 or 18, 2017 and shows a Russian Kamov Ka-52 attack helicopter accidentally firing two S-8 unguided...
Kamov to develop high-speed helicopter based on the Ka-52 Alligator
The advanced high-speed combat helicopter should develop a maximum speed of more than 400km/h and a cruising speed of more than 360 km/h CEO of Zhukovsky Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) Kirill Sypalo told TASS that Kamov’s chief designer Sergei Mikheyev will soon start work on building a high-speed helicopter that is based on the Kamov Ka-52. "Sergei Mikheyev plans to...
Russian Helicopters to develop high-speed combat helicopter
The high-speed combat helicopter should flank the existing Ka-52 and Mi-28 attack helicopters and could be used to support special operations At Army-2017 expo in Kubinka, the Russian Ministry of Defense gave Russian Helicopters a contract for the “formation of the concept of a high-speed combat helicopter.” During the two-year period, both sides will work together to determine the “technical appearance...