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Edwards' testers complete Joint Strike Missile test program
The next step is for the Norwegians to integrate the Joint Strike Missile on to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and then on to further weapons and integration testing A team of U.S. Air Force (USAF) engineers, test pilots and Norwegian government and industry personnel recently completed a large phase of testing for the Joint Strike Missile (JSM). The JSM is Norway’s...
Japan to deploy its first F-35A Stealth Fighter at Misawa Air Base this month
Nine more F-35A stealth fighters will be deployed to Misawa by the end of 2018 Japan is ready to deploy the F-35A and the first aircraft will go to Misawa Air Base this month, NHK reports. Nine more Lightning IIs will be deployed to Misawa by the end of 2018. Noteworthy, as explained in a previous article, because of North Korea’s nuclear...
Joint Strike Missile final flight test to take place in 2018
The final flight test is the culmination of a two-year flight-test campaign to qualify Joint Strike Missile for integration with the F-35A Jane’s reported that Kongsberg will conduct the final flight test (FTM-5) of the Joint Strike Missile (JSM) in early 2018 as part of the integration of the weapon aboard Royal Norwegian Air Force’s (RNoAF) F-35A Lightning II multirole...