Japan Air Self Defense Force

JASDF F-15J Eagle fighters take over the street during 2024 Hualien earthquake after tsunami warning

JASDF F-15J Eagle fighters take over the street during 2024 Hualien earthquake after tsunami warning

JASDF F-15J fighter jets moved to high ground after tsunami warning Japan Air Self Defense Force (JASDF) F-15J fighter jets… Read More

2 weeks ago

Japan to consider export of Used JASD F-15 P&W F100-PW-220 turbofan engines to Indonesia to be installed in TNI-AU F-16 Fighter Jets

TNI-AU fields 24 ex-USAF F-16C/D Block 25 airframes modified to Block 32 standards. These jets use the P&W F100-PW-220 turbofan… Read More

10 months ago

Japan is trying to get rid of 200 Pratt & Whitney F100 turbofan engines belonging to its non-updated F-15J Eagle Fighter jets

Half of the 200 F-15J Eagle fighter jets currently in service with the JASDF will be retired because they have… Read More

11 months ago

Japan ready to purchase five more E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Airborne Early Warning and Control Aircraft

The State Department has made a determination on Mar. 7, 2023 approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Government… Read More

1 year ago

Japan to allocate budget for F-15JSI in 2022 (but Tokyo will drop the integration of the LRASM on the Japanese Eagle)

Japan has decided to proceed with the F-15JSI (Japan Super Interceptor) upgrade program by allocating funds for the program in… Read More

2 years ago

JASDF F-2 fighter lost canopy inflight during scramble in October because its pilot forgot to lock it before take-off

A JASDF F-2 fighter jet that scrambled from Tsuiki Airbase on Oct. 10, 2021 lost its canopy inflight while the… Read More

2 years ago

JASDF F-2 fighter pilot makes emergency landing after losing canopy inflight during scramble

There were no reports of any injuries or property damage after a JASDF F-2 fighter jet lost its cockpit canopy… Read More

3 years ago

The first 12 JASDF aircrew students have started their training on operating the KC-46 Pegasus

To be fully qualified to operate the KC-46 Pegasus, over the course of three months the JASDF students went through… Read More

3 years ago

Phantoms Forever! Video shows final flight for Japan Air Self-Defense Force F-4

The Phantoms featured in this post belonged to the Air Development and Test Wing, the sole unit of the Air… Read More

3 years ago

A Japanese KC-46 tanker becomes the first Pegasus for an international customer to complete successful first flight

Japan is the KC-46 program’s first international customer and is scheduled to receive its first jet this year. The first… Read More

3 years ago

Japan has not enough money to modify F-15 fighters to carry JASSM

Japan’s plans to have a fleet of 20 F-15JSI fighter jets capable of firing cruise missiles to defend the Nansei… Read More

3 years ago

[Video] Boeing rolls out Japan’s first KC-46 Tanker

Deliveries to the Japan Air Self-Defense Force will begin in 2021. On Sep. 17, 2020 the first KC-46 Pegasus aerial… Read More

4 years ago

Boeing’s rendering shows upgraded JASDF F-15J armed with JASSM

The upgrades will introduce state-of-the-art electronic warfare and weapons. An all-new advanced cockpit system, running on the world’s most advanced… Read More

4 years ago

Massive sale of 105 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters to Japan approved

According to the Defense Security Cooperation Agency the Foreign Military Sale (FMS) is for 63 F-35As and 42 F-35Bs. Japan… Read More

4 years ago

JASDF F-35As join USAF and US Navy aircraft in Misawa first joint, bilateral Elephant Walk

12 F-16s took to the runway, along with 12 JASDF F-35As, two USN EA-18Gs, a USN C-12 Huron, two USAF… Read More

4 years ago

Former Japanese F-15J Pilot remembers that time US Navy F-14As scored simulated kills against JASDF Eagles with AIM-54 Phoenix missiles from 130 miles instead of dogfighting

Hirosaki Takagi, a former F-15J pilot, explains that the episode took place after a previous DACT session during which JASDF… Read More

4 years ago