The story of the man that sued Pepsi for Not Giving him a Harrier Jump Jet

The story of the man that sued Pepsi for Not Giving him a Harrier Jump Jet

The campaign was simple: you could collect points from Pepsi labels by buying Pepsi products. Once you collected points you… Read More

7 months ago

Former USMC Harrier pilot who worked in China arrested in Australia

The arrest came the same week Britain warned dozens of former military pilots to stop working in China or face… Read More

11 months ago

F-15 Pilot explains how fighting against “VIFFing Harriers” taught Eagle Drivers how to win air engagements against fighters with thrust vectoring

‘VIFF stood for "vectoring thrust in launch forward flight" and entailed rotating the variable angle jet nozzles mounted to the… Read More

2 years ago

[Video] AV-8B Vs Super Étendard: former SEM pilot explains how to dogfight against the Harrier Jump Jet

‘I was wingman, flying the #2 SEM [Super Etendard Modernizé], and we got the chance to perform an ACM DACT… Read More

3 years ago

That Time a man Sued Pepsi for Not Giving him a Harrier Jump Jet

"People say, 'well didn't you want a t-shirt?' and I say, well when there's a Harrier out there for 7… Read More

4 years ago

Two former Royal Navy (Sea) Harrier Jump Jets could Fly Again Soon

On Aug. 7, 2019 two former Royal Navy Sea Harrier fighter jets were registered in British Civil Aviation Authority record… Read More

4 years ago

Did you know that the Argentine Navy could have been the first export customer for the Harrier Jump Jet?

The UK was not against a Harrier sale, as the situation regarding the Malvinas/Falkland Islands was relatively satisfactory at that… Read More

4 years ago

Red Arrows Leader remembers the moment he ejected after a crash landing in a Harrier

"The 10 year challenge? 14 May '09 pivotal moment in my flying career. Have made no secret of involvement in… Read More

4 years ago

That Time a Crewless RAF Tornado Flew Away After the Navigator Ejected Himself and his Pilot from Their Serviceable Aircraft

We may only imagine the front-seater's feelings as, from his parachute, he watched his Tornado disappearing over the horizon The… Read More

5 years ago


"The thrill of rising vertically on a column of thrust from a wooded site is an exhilarating experience...whether it's the… Read More

6 years ago