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The “ADCOM F-14:” the Tomcat that USAF never bought
Studies indicated 170 “ADCOM F-14 Tomcats” could provide the same level of Defense as 290 F-15 Eagles Taken at the Grumman Calverton test facility in the summer of 1972, the interesting photos in this post show the mock-up of the so called “ADCOM F-14” created by Grumman in response to an U.S....
New Pensacola Bay bridge could be named after Operation Bolo Hero Gen. Daniel Chappie James
In Southeast Asia, Gen. Chappie James served as deputy commander for operations and later vice wing commander of the 8th TFW. Along with Robin Olds, James formed a strong leadership and combat team, inevitably dubbed “Black Man and Robin.” As reported by Pensacola News Journal, the new Pensacola Bay bridge...