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F-15E Driver explains how he shot down an Iraqi Mi-24 attack helicopter with a 2000lb laser-guided bomb 
"I said, 'There's no chance the bomb will get him now,' even though Dan was working hard to keep the laser spot on him. I got a good lock with my missile and was about to pickle off a Sidewinder when the bomb flew into my field of view on the targeting IR screen. There was a big flash,...
F-15E driver pro-syrian regime drone killer
The F-15E shot down the drone after the Iranian-made UAV dropped a munition near Syrian fighters who were accompanied at the time by advisers from the American-led coalition As reported by The New York Times a U.S. Air Force (USAF) F-15E Strike Eagle fighter bomber shot down a “pro-Syria regime” drone on Jun. 8, 2017 after the unmanned aerial vehicle...